Cloud Mummies v.15

Val has decided to save me from my own ineptitude and hopefully, save The Robert! in the process.

This week’s Easter Egg shout out goes to Grimsteak, the mighty Fortean meat cutter who takes up his blade against both ignorance and cold cuts! All the rest are devoted to general Grimerican wackiness.


Mothman Lurking

Dunlop shoes


Mothman flying


Moai Cuteness!


Grimsteak 1

Grimsteak 2

My signature

A Tiny lil’ Graham


One comment on “Cloud Mummies v.15

  1. Vanessa says:

    I found BOTH mothmen! Good job 🙂 Also, Grimerica dude, random steaks on the balloons, aaaand I’m forgetting the rest. But love mothman!

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