Cloud Mummies v. 23

Last week I forcefully directed The Robert! to abandon our faltering balloon by means of a swift kick to the chest. I’m not really the type to take control in these situations, so its very likely I just made things infinitely worse!

7 Easter eggs in this one, with 3 shout outs to Grimerican, Cyrus Salsbury, the white haired wonder of UPS, delivering splendor to your very doorstep. Cyrus has been integral in the inspiration of a side project I’m working on, and despite his busy schedule, I hope he’ll see these shout outs and accept a very hearty thank you!

A UPS balloon, shout out to Cyrus!


Lunar lander, another shoutout to Cyrus, who will set you straight on the moon landing!

Cyrus in the sky!


Graham Dunlop in flight, afternoon delight!


May the rugged beauty of Red Pill Junkie, loom ominously above you, always!


Pants moai!

Sleeve moai.


4 comments on Cloud Mummies v. 23

  1. Felix "Berto" says:

    Love the technicolor dream coat. Did you fake a balloon landing in this one?

    1. YAY!!! Glad you caught those lil’ tidbits!

  2. Felix "Berto" says:

    Sleeve Moai!!!!!!!!

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