Cloud Mummies v.27

Sorry to get this up so late in the week! I got attacked last minute with work for a couple other projects I’ve taken on, that I hope will be ready to share soon! Much like how our heroes were being attacked by pterodactyls/pterosaurs last week!

5 Easter Eggs in this one, all very mysterious, much like Graham. Speaking of Graham… while little is known of his shrouded past, legend has it that he was born in the Canadian Summer, though it is hotly debated as to which month (one of the J ones though.) Ergo, I’m giving this week’s shout out to that Huskular Hunk with the calves of a warrior, Graham Dunlop!




A drop o’ Graham will do ya good!


Captivating Canadian calves!





The face that haunts all of our dreams, Graham Dunlop!



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