Cloud Mummies v.29

What kind of idiot brings a knife to an aerial assault by pterosaurs? ME!

Six Easter Eggs in this issue with two shout outs to the glory of Old New England, Talamh!

It should go without saying, but I do not advocate the acts of violence you are about to see depicted, at least not in real life anyway. Thank you.

Dueling rabbits, as seen on Talamh’s twitter page.


Mouth moai


Mothman, again, I just love that guy!

This friendly member of the canine family is featured as Talamh’s twitter icon.


That logo!




4 comments on Cloud Mummies v.29

  1. Felix "Berto" says:

    Shit just got real!!!!!

    1. Well, as real as it can get in the dreamscape! Thanks for reading Felix! Sorry I’m late to comment, I’m kind of a dork!

  2. Nick the Rat says:

    love these egg hunts!

    1. Yay! Thanks Nick, I love making them for you…and everyone else too!

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