Cloud Mummies v.31


A little late this week, sorry about that. The art style I’m using for this segment takes a little longer, but I really want to emphasis the idea that the dream is slowly becoming my reality.

Last week, Meg Ryan reemerged to save me from splattering on the concrete below. What secrets does she hold? What are her plans for me? Will she ever team up with Tom Hanks again, perhaps for a buddy cop picture?

5 Easter Eggs in this one, and a hearty shout out to James Nation! James has organized a Go Fund Me campaign called “Brave Bears,” https://www.gofundme.com/BraveBears

This campaign will be going on into October, with the hopes of raising money for children’s hospitals and inspiring courage in kids suffering with illness. Please take a moment to check it out and donate if you are able.



Graceful Brave Bears fall
To the waiting ground below
Giving kids new hope

(Haikus-you know I love ’em)

Sky Moai

Hair alien

It says Grimerica in her lashes




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