# 5 – Grimerica Talks to Dr. Philip Metzger

# 4 – Grimerica Talks to Dr. Stanley Krippner
June 12, 2013
# 6 – Grimerica Talks to Caleb Hanks
June 22, 2013

In the intro, the Grimerican’s talk briefly about the newest NSA scandal. Check out Dan Carlin’s “Common Sense” podcast for a balanced view. The guys were recently on “The Nat and Marie Podcast”. Check out this great new web culture podcast!
Darren and Graham have a fascinating chat with Phil Metzger, Senior Research Physicist for NASA’s KSC Swamp Works. It’s hard to tell the difference between science fiction and science fact in this episode.
They talk about Phil’s NASA awards and how his positive attitude, teamwork and initiative enabled him to create his own lab “Swamp Works”. Phil mentions how they plan on mining space and the collaboration between all the leading edge space mining companies. It’s truly an inspiring tale about everything from inspiring young people to work hard in science, turning space matter into water for radiation shielding, or 3d printing of metal equipment converted directly from extra planetary soil.
How are we going to hunt down asteroids and lasso them into the moon’s orbit? Listen to Phil tell Grimerica how its’ going to be done. Find out what we think about UFO’s, the Fermi paradox, and robotic space mining competitions and much much more.
get “The Precipice”, Book 1 of the Asteroid Wars – Ben Bova. Audible.com
Get “Enders Game” by Orson Scott Card. Audible.com
Favorite narrators, Stephan Rudnicky and Scott Brick!
Dan Carlin’s “Common Sense” podcast
“The Nat and Marie Podcast”


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