# 17 – Grimerica Talks to Thomas P. Fusco Intro feat. (RPJ)

# 16 – Grimerica Talks to Matt Staggs
August 14, 2013
# 18 – Grimerica Talks to Richard Syrett
August 29, 2013

Thomas P. Fusco and Red Pill Junkie are on this episode chatting it up with Darren and Graham. Mr. Fusco chats about his new all encompassing theory and trodding through that area that pisses off the paranormal crowd and skeptics alike. Many elements of his book “Behind the Cosmic Veil” are discussed along with new developments in his research in this Age of Denial!
Quiubo shouts a rattled RPJ! He and the boys talk about the latest in crazy; including a new and kinda cute but fierce looking species, tweets of a dick, micro bug swarms, and the battle over the purp bitch, among many others.
Link to Mysterious Universe, Red Pills of the Week!
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Daniele Bolelli’s The Drunken Taoist
Thomas P. Fusco’s site!


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  1. Pretty awesome interview, dudes; even though Mr. Fusco’s stuff is so deep it can leave your brain drenched in sweat 😉

    I hope that in the future he manages to bring his theory to more people –maybe a documentary would be a good way to reach a larger audience. Listening to him a lot of questions popped into my head: For example, the way he makes a case that in order to understand the Universe you need to go beyond the physical, and how reality is the materialization of information, forces you to evaluate & define the ‘simplest’ of terms –what *is* physical, and what do we mean when we say ‘matter’? After all, things like photons & magnetic fields are part of the physical world, even though they are pretty insubstantial.

    I suppose this goes to show how language can be terribly limiting. We use terms like ‘physical’ and ‘spiritual’ like we actually understood what they mean, even though we probably don’t.

  2. Skepter says:

    This was an amazing interview. Blows my mind. I read Brian Greene’s “Fabric of the Cosmos” a couple years ago. I’m still super amazed and intrigued by the higher science of QM Physics but was left a little high and dry after that book. This interview did more to spark my imagination than the entire book by Greene (and “Elegant Universe” before that). clearly the big dogs in Physics are a special kind of genius but I think so many of our geniuses in science are self limited to small spheres of possibility because of the fundamentalism and “Scientism / religiosity” inside science today. T. Fusco freely explores the outer edges of these frontiers others cower from. This dude is a true explorer of the universe and amazes me.

    By the way I love this podcast, I’m going through all the old episodes now (I’m posting from the future, the “101th” episode recently aired!) Hope you guys keep up the good work for a lot longer.

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