# 24 – Grimerica Talks to Karen Hudes

# 23 – Grimerica Talks to Joe Bullard
October 3, 2013
# 25 – Grimerica Goes to Paradigm 2013
October 22, 2013

Karen Hudes, famed whistleblower of the corruption at the World Bank chats with Darren and Graham about the latest indicators – what’s happening to the whistleblowers, geo-politics, the financial system and other conspiracies that will make you wonder…. what is really going on here.
Graham chats about the Gregg Braden presentation on the weekend.
Karen Hudes website
Annual meeting of the World Bank and IMF, Oct 2013
TZM – The Zeitgeist Movement
G. Edward Griffin’s “Creature from Jekyll Island”


Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

Chris Mallinchak – So Into You

Au 5 – Vapour

Sweater Beats and Arnold – Jello Drip

Amej – Adagio


  1. I actually hadn’t had time to listen to this episode, so I tried to do it on my trip back home to Mexico after Paradigm. Easier said than done, since I realized I needed to pay close attention to Karen, otherwise after a few sentences I’d be totally lost.

    So I listened to it again this morning while jogging –or in my case, determinate walking– and even though I really liked many of the things she said & made a lot of sense to me, the minute she started talking about the Fema camps that’s when I reached the line where I couldn’t follow her any further.

    Ditto with the idea that the queen of England has been secretly dethroned for participating in the trafficking of children.

    I don’t know. Perhaps someone out there purportedly seeds up all those crazy stories as method of disinformation, in order to discredit the likes of her. Or perhaps she’s starting to connect the dots too far away in between.

    Nevertheless, it would be interesting to have her come again for a second interview. And this time maybe you should try to pick a few books about economics, Darren –that way Graham won’t end up making all the tough questions 😛

    (I kid. When it comes to economics I’m a total ignoramus)

  2. D-ron says:

    Too dry for me brother, lol economics are not, and will never be my forte. Although I was rendered speechless on more than on occasion

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