# 33 – Grimerica Talks to David Weatherly

# 32 – Grimerica Talks to Fritz Zimmerman
January 3, 2014
# 34 – Grimerica Talks to Susan B. Martinez Phd
January 18, 2014

David Weatherly, Paranormal Investigator and author of “Black Eyed Children” and “Strange Intruders” joins Darren and Graham in Grimerica on this episode. The master story teller himself chats with the guys about his upcoming book “Tulpas” as he recounts his personal experiences Weatherly is a boots on the ground investigator and has lots to talk about from all over the globe.











Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

Timeless as the Waves – Killgrew

A Different State – DKS & Mojo

Eternity – Jacoo

Pale Blue Dot – Evan Merklin

Creepy Ring a round the Rosie


  1. shayne J says:

    Thankyou guys SOOO MUCH for evan merklins rendering of the pale blue dot speech
    on the close of the weatherly interview episode
    never heard it done like that before it actualy brought tears to my eyes!
    keep up the good work..

    • D-ron says:

      Thanks man, although all I really did is edit it in lol, funny in the Fritz Zimmerman episode we were talking about those moments when music can give you a “brain orgasm” Me and a friend ate some shrooms the other day and listened to this like 6 times in a row lol. Thanks for listening!

  2. Paitience says:

    When I was in my late twenties, I had a beautiful six year old daughter named Amber. One day Ambers mother Teresa, who had two other children vanished. No one, no relatives, friends or any of Teresa’s children’s fathers ever saw them again. Now we find out that in 1996 Teresa married Author David Weatherly. David and Teresa gave the children fake names. And constantly moved around the country so as not to be found. Even knowing this, no one can find any of our loved ones.

  3. Paitience says:

    David Weatherly is a paranormal investigator and author. For over 35 years he has explored the world of the strange, investigating cases around the country and abroad. He is linked to the disappearances of Amber McNeely and Sharnea Heffelfinger. David has also studied Shamanic and magical traditions with elders from numerous cultures including Europe, Tibet, Native America, and Africa. He has appeared on numerous radio programs including: Coast to Coast AM, Dreamland, Veritas and Darkness Radio. David was also featured in Watchers Volume 5 and on Ancient Aliens. He is the author of “The Black Eyed Children” and “Strange Intruders.”

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