# 40 – Grimerica Talks Heartmath with Howard Martin

# 39 – Bonus Grimerica with John Ward, Scotty Roberts, and Chris Conway
February 21, 2014
# 41 – Grimerica Talks 911 and False Flags with Kevin Barrett
March 1, 2014

Howard Martin of Heartmath and The Global Coherence Initiative is in Grimerica for this episode. Howard talks about the latest in GCI and measuring our own field and the earth’s field from around the globe. Truly enlightening science is backing up Heartmath, showing how we can individually affect our own health through greater coherence of our heart and thus possibly affect the planet and those around us.

In the intro Graham and Darren chat with Barry Hoon about his mind mirror art. The intuitive and logistical process of creation and some of the experiences people have while viewing or meditating on the art.




Barry Hoon and the Art of Deep Seeing



Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

Zefora – Lilu’s Song

Mayer Hawthorne – Reach out Richard

Dead Sounds – Sounds of The Turntables (deck attack)

The Heart Song

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  1. This was a really interesting interview for me, because I admit that prior to Graham’s mentioning, I’d never heard of the Heartmath institute; yet Martin’s discussion reminded me a lot of a few things that I’ve run across on my life’s journey. For example, the idea that there are parts in our bodies that can actually *store* memories is something I first encountered in Castañeda’s books.

    I also really liked the answer to my 2nd question –and even the 1st one, because even if genetics is not his actual field, the listener will find that epigenetics was mentioned more than once during the interview– and one wonders what would happen in our current modern gadgets would help us become more aware of the coherence in our bioelectric frequencies.

    Will a day come when instead of ‘no smoking area’ signs in public spaces we’ll find instead ‘no negative thinking’ signs?

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