# 43 – Grimerica Talks to Daniel Estulin

# 42 – Grimerica Talks to Jim Harold
March 8, 2014
# 44 – Grimerica Talks to Former Economic Hitman John Perkins
March 22, 2014

Daniel Estulin is an award winning investigative journalist and best selling author, he is one of the few shining the light into the public through the darkness of the elite cabal. He’s even made it out unscathed from a surprise interrogation with the bilderberg hitmen tweedle dee and tweedle dumb during the writing of his book, The true story behind
Bilderberg Group
, and his latest Transevolution, the coming age of human destruction, where he unwraps the global monetary farce, the GMO conspiracy, The Lamestream and social media,  The elite transhumanistic agenda and the inevitable exodus off this crumbling planet into space. Daniel’s the guy risking life
and limb to bring us information most would call crazy conspiracy. But
littered with facts and real events Mr. Estulin brings the truth to light. No sugar coating here… the picture he’s painted is not a pretty one, it’s fucking terrifying and we are seriously running out of time.




In the intro it’s just Darren and Graham shootin the shit. Check out the one world drum even, our music in this episode from Sonskrif, and Graham’s weekly UFO quote continues. Sign up for the money bomb and win half our listener contributions back!!


Joanne Bean, One World Drum Event on April 20, 2014-03-12



Music by Sonskrif !


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4 Malika


Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

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  1. Listening to the episode, I kept wondering whether the Bilderbergers had deployed some nasty Illuminanobot inside poor Estulin’s throat! 😛

    Srsly though, it was a very interesting chat, with lots of thought-provoking ideas gunshot during the whole 2 hours of it. I share many of Estulin’s mistrusts about this irritating evangelization about the virtues of transhumanism, though maybe he wouldn’t share my skepticism in how certain Kurzweil et al are that human consciousness can be successfully be replicated in a cybernetic system.

    Though I have to be honest: The moment he said “these people don’t miss anything” some red flags went up in my head. A common characteristic in the conspiracy theorist’s mentality –apologies to señor Estulin for calling him that, but since his work focuses so much on these elitist groups working in the shadows, I’m sure many people would put him in that category– is to think EVERYTHING that happens in the world is part of an elaborate & carefully calculated plan.

    The collapse of the Soviet Union? Part of the plan.

    9-11? Part of the plan.

    The disappearance of MHS370? Part. Of. The. Plan!

    And maybe it’s part of my 99% conditioning programming, but it really bothers me when theorists can’t consider things like all-pervasive human incompetence, or even natural accidents.

    That doesn’t mean I’m not willing to acknowledge how some very powerful groups are trying to control the course of history; what I mean is that I *also* acknowledge other forces –maybe even more powerful– that are beyond ANY kind of human control.

    But that’s just my 2 Fortean cents. Once again, a great chat, and it would be great to have Estulin back for a round 2 –maybe even pairing him with someone like our friend Micah Hanks, author of The UFO Singularity.

    • Graham says:

      Hey Red,

      Thanks for the comment. Good idea, We get Micah and Daniel on together and then Darren and I can go out for a bite to eat for a couple of hours while they chit chat!! I don’t think we could get a word in edgewise…. but would be fascinating conversation.

      I do know what you mean though about the conspiracy but I wonder what it would be like when you get that deep into investigating it. It must be very enlightening to a certain point and it might be hard not to go down that path for every little thing.

      I still think that the some of the elite cabal may wake up and come over to the light! lol

  2. razzledazzle says:

    Interesting interview although I agree with Red Pill Junkie, couldn’t have said it better myself. Large organizations are more incompetent than cunning.

    One request: in any future interviews, for any podcaster. PLEASE if you are using Skype turn off the noises about instant messages or whatever, and make sure your guest knows how to do that too. Ultimately I could not finish listening to this because someone is rudely chatting and IM-ing in the background.

    • D-ron says:

      I agree and apologize, we’ve been struggling of late with a way to gain more control over guests audio, and skype noises is a problem with many. In the future we will make sure and mention to our guests before hand to mute their skype notification sounds. Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for listening.


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