# 63 – Grimerica Talks Laurel Canyon and The Dark Heart of the Hippie Movement with David Mcgowan

# 62 – Grimerica Talks to Joe Gallenberger Phdauthor of “Inner Vegas” – creating miracles, abundance and health”
July 14, 2014
# 64 – Grimerica Talks to Patti Conklin, Phd Author of The God Within: The Day Gods Train Stopped
July 27, 2014

David McGowan, author of the Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops and the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream”  is in Grimerica for this mind blowing episode. Not many people realize the actual genesis of the hippie / anti war movement. Through all of Dave’s research he makes some astounding connections that are just too hard to ignore. The ties between the artists, producers, movies stars and cultural icons and various intelligence communities are staggering. Is it just a coincidence that they all showed up in Laurel Canyon at the same time? Never mind about where the full service recording studio was located for this new genre of influential music. And, what about the over abundance of strange deaths just a few years after this? The list goes on and on and get’s deeper than one can imagine. This could very well make you look at our culture and life in a different light. No wonder why this book and research is resonating with so many people.



In the Intro Darren and Graham get to some listener feedback and more synchronicities. Please excuse the audio during this intro, the guys tried the non-local approach due to time constraints. They discussed the hole in Russia and the Vancouver sighting of a pre-air show stunt. And, as usual Graham has an appropriate Profound UFO Quote of the Week. Contribute and help the show via the 50/50 Moneybomb!! Review us in itunes or any other platform you use, that really helps.




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  1. Pat O says:

    Probably one of the best so far. Great work guys. Total echoes my distrust of the counter-culture movement. Everything is a commodity these days, even revolution.

  2. Hmm… wonder how many times David has seen the Party Posse Simpsons episode from season 12 😛

    I kid, I kid… You know I actually confess I didn’t expect to enjoy this interview as much as I did. Whether you agree with James with his conclusions or not, there’s not denying he has uncovered a lot of very interesting connections & information.

    I do feel however that he underestimates the youthful propensity to rebel against your parents & what they stand for. That’s why there are so many vocal atheists who come from a former fundamentalist background.

    Why is it so strange that Jim Morrison didn’t have any musical background before becoming a rock idol? There’s plenty of examples where people with a lot of raw natural talent end up achieving a lot of fame in fields they didn’t have any previous interest for,

    And I think we also need to consider something else, when analyzing the 60’s: The social turmoil that marked that era was GLOBAL, not just exclusive of the United States; shit was happening everywhere: France, England, Mexico, etc.

    But even if there was some initial attempt to control or manipulate both the counter-cultural movement & the psychedelic scene, I do support the notion that such attempts seriously backfired, like pretty much EVERYTHING the CIA and the National Security apparatus has attempted to manipulate –Bin Laden, anyone?

    • GitmoYoho says:

      If today’s music and social networking mind control is any indication at all, then McGowan is spot-on.

      Maybe it’s more plausible that the government saw how poorly the hippy counter-culture was in stopping the war, and so they decided to research how to use counter-cultures until they finally perfected it 50 years later.

      Maybe that’s why Kirk Cobain had to die. Think about it — Cobain was a demigod and every opportunity in front of a mic he was bashing the system, including himself. The Unplugged album (one of the greatest albums ever, imo) was him playing OTHER PEOPLE’S MUSIC for an hour. Then he’s dead 6 months later?? He’s, like, the JFK of music or now — what can’t be controlled must be destroyed.

      It’s not only music, though — look at the OWS and how it was infiltrated by the FBI. Look at the Tea Party movement that started out with very noble intentions and was hijacked by corporate interests until the media’s ridicule was actually legitimized.

      Rahm Emanuel may be credited with saying “you never want a serious crisis going to waste.” That’s only partly true. You never want any event, any movement that causes an emotional reaction to go to waste!

  3. Paul B. says:

    I don’t know whether this has been mentioned on the show yet, but in June 2015 David McGowan announced that he has been diagnosed with rapid onset stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to his bones and kidneys, and the doctors have told him its a death sentence. Please visit his website to send him your well-wishes. However, as David himself has noted, please do not send him “alternative” cancer treatment ideas. I realize the topics here dabble in the occult and other “esoteric” topics which often diverge very far from reality. But this is no joke – no time for fantasies and delusions. When a good man’s life is on the line we have no time for bullshit. Just let him you know you care, wish him well, and thank him for the work he has given us. In all likelihood we are watching a man sacrifice his life for telling us the truth.

    Those who have studied the cancer industry and the most profitable industry on planet earth (the anti-smoking industry) for years know the true relationship between smoking and cancer. So we understand why it makes perfect “sense” that David (a smoker) would suddenly get terminal lung cancer after a lifetime of good health and freedom from illness. Especially when you realize that only 9 weeks before his diagnosis he provided a 2 hour expose of the Boston Bombing on the Caravan to Midnight podcast that would surely put many government leaders in peril of the gallows, if Americans bothered to watch McGowan’s presentation versus watching pointless talkers like David Icke, Alex Jones, Hillary Clinton, and nearly everyone who speaks at the Paradigm Symposium.

    This is serious. His Laurel Canyon book was great fun for music lovers. But David McGowan investigated a lot of other issues that are directly relevant to our future as a free and independent species of dignified beings. Respect that, learn about his full body of work, and thank him for taking a risk that apparently has finally caught up with him. And curse the people who are likely responsible.

    Statistically speaking, rapid onset cancer is quickly becoming a leading cause of sudden death among people who expose *real* (versus nonsense) government corruption. Take off your tin foil hats and think very carefully about that while you worship and praise the shameful and embarrassing, but highly profitable, intellectual excrement that will convene in Minneapolis on October 14, 2015.

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