# 68 – Grimerica Talks Peruvian Shamanism with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada

# 67 – Grimerica Talks Sasquatch with Brian Brown of The Bigfoot Show
August 16, 2014
# 69 – Grimerica Talks to Alex Teplish and Emy Bitner
September 3, 2014

Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, author of “Lessons in Courage – Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom for Everyday Life” joins the guys today in Grimerica. Oscar originated the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of cross cultural shamanism and is the visionary founder of The Healer of The Heart (THOTH) Alliance. In this very open and non-dogmatic conversation the guys discuss sacred sites, shamanic traditions and rituals, encounters with light beings, dreamtime, healing, synchronicities and the power of simple spiritual principles.







In the introduction Darren and Graham chat about the ancient medicine wheel close to Calgary and share some listener feedback. Check out the Paradigm Symposium 2014 and please help out the show by donating…


Paradigm Symposium 2014


Southern Alberta Medicine Wheel or Stonehenge?!?


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  1. JC says:

    Another Grimerica guest and self proclaimed ‘healer’ from Rainbow Ridge Publishing Inc.
    with a cheezy New Age volume for the clueless, available from Amazon or an online shopping
    kart near you today, with the now familiar cheap n shoddy front cover artwork they have on
    all their sacred tomes?

    So now we know, podcasts are covert corporate marketing, but that’s OK, ‘cos its $piritual.

  2. Thank you so much for this, guys.

    I fucking loved this.

  3. Barry says:

    You guys fucking rock. I love your shows. This podcast with Oscar really opened up my mind to some stuff. His NDE was probably the coolest one I’ve ever heard. By the way Graham you had asked him about negative experiences. I have an older book written by a doctor who began to investigate NDE’s after resuscitating a man who dropped dead on a treadmill. It was frightening. The guy saw a tunnel of light and was travelling towards it when he realized it fire he was headed into, possibly hell, if there is such a place. I was brought up to believe in Christ and the Bible. After seeing multiple UFO’s one night, I’m open to all kinds of possibilities. Maybe Christ was an extraterrestrial, maybe not. But many so-called Christians I know are so closed minded to the paranormal and the possibility of the “others” that it sickens me to the point of I want nothing to do with them. They can take their “dogma” and shove it up their ass. I love the fact you guys enjoy the “bud”. I’m in Florida and we are getting ready to pass medical marijuana laws. I’ll be the first in line to get my card. Take care. Keep up the good work. Oscar’s prayer at the end in his native tongue was awesome.

    • Graham says:

      Hey Barry,

      Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed this episode. It was one of my favorites too. I know what you mean about feeling sick from dogma…. we should come up with a name for that!!

      Keep on listening.


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