# 80 – Grimerica Goes to Paradigm Take 7 – Red Pill Junkie & Nuveena

# 79 – Grimerica Goes to Paradigm Take 6 – Andrew Collins
October 9, 2014
# 81 – Grimerica Goes to Paradigm 2014 Take 8 – Chase Kloetzke
October 10, 2014


Red Pill Junkie and Nuveena are in Grimerica for another episode recorded live at the Paradigm Symposium 2014 Minneapolis Minnesota, Oct 2-5 at The Women’s Club. Nuveena and Red have been to all three Paradigm Symposiums so I suppose you could consider them part of the attraction. Like minded / open minded people getting to know each other and chatting about the conference. Red Pill Junkie is a regular staple here in Grimerica and it’s nice to get a chance to hear what Nuveena has to say. They should have asked her about that cool name…….

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