# 84 – Grimerica Talks To Adam Gorightly

# 83 – Grimerica Talks to Margaret De Wys
October 19, 2014
# 85 – Grimerica Talks to Dan Carlin, of “Hardcore History” and “Common Sense”
November 2, 2014

Adam Gorightly, author of many books, blogs and rants of the conspiracy and counterculture genre his latest book being, “Historia Discordia” joins the Grimerican’s in this episode. They chat about Discordianism, synchronicities, conspiracies, UFO’s and LSD, Top secret programs and strange connections between controversial history figures.

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In the intro Darren and Graham have some listener feedback, synchronicities, and of course the UFO quote of the week.

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  1. Marie says:

    HI guys, found the pod cast lots of fun and truly informative. It’s quite shocking to hear the ‘chaos’ that Robert Anton Wilson et al have caused with their writings and other actions over the years. Discordianism, the ultimate ‘rabbit hole’?

  2. I’ve been so busy lately, I just managed to listen to this episode, but I’m glad I did because it was great. I’ve been a fan of Adam for some time now, to the point that sometimes I re-listened to some of his old Untamed Dimensions podcasts several times –my favorite ones, for some reason, were the ones with Kent Bentkowski and Dr. Frank Stranges– and in fact I’m a bit disappointed you guys didn’t ask him to finish the interview with the “from the great American heartland to the pyramidal structures on Mars” bit he always used 😉

    About Discordianism, I also found out about Robert Anton Wilson and all this crazy stuff very late in the game, and yet somehow I ended up understanding that in a way I ended up being ‘connected’ to the Discordian vibe ever since I decided to enter the Fortean blogosphere –I mean, Red Pill Junkie almost sounds like a Discordian title! 😛

    But to me the greatest lesson these guys taught us, is how the best way to influence culture on a large scale is through Art and a sense of humor –and the humor has the bonus of helping you retain your sanity if you decide to plunge into the deeper end of the rabbit hole 😉

  3. Chad Warren says:

    Ok, so at 1:27:20 into the broadcast I finally heard something that perked my interest.

    Adam mentioned offhandedly telling a painter friend to start a series based on lone nut assassins and so the guy came up with Illumi-Naughty and then I got an idea about Ho’s.

    I always used to tell people this joke idea I had for a titty bar called Illum-Naughty.

    It would be a black pyramid with neon flourescent green lights running along the vertical edges.

    Inside, you could have it “rain money” and do like AC/DC did where they dumped money with their name on it during AC/DC’s live performances and on the money could be an ad/coupon for promotion.

    When the club opens in Vegas and Vancouver, B.C. I just wanted to be invited to the premier is all I ask. ; )

    Hey, my goal is to help connect the audiences of these podcasts with my blog since I’m listening to them anyway.

    Maybe you have some advice since y’all listen to these shows like I do. I’m trying to figure out how to contribute to this genre both online and locally – I’d like to put up flyers.

    Maybe you could point me to one of your episodes that is your favorite and if we could make some stunning imagery that would grab anyone’s eyeballs and grey matter maybe that would help connect this podcasting into a more mainstream Paul Revere role or something. I remember Zines. Seems like I hardly see any homemade cool flyers like I did as a kid for punk bands. I’m 38 now. Thanks for your show.

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