Day: November 28, 2014

Grimerica Talks to Crop Circle Maker Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams, Crop Circle Maker/Artist – Faker/Hoaxer (depending on which way one looks at this phenomenon) joins the guys in Grimerica for this fantastic episode. This is a great chat about the other side of the Crop Circle phenomenon. The human made side…. Yet still fraught with high strangeness. Matthew is candid about himself and the many other groups making circles and yet also very open to some other influence tied to this field.

Red Pill Junkie joins Darren and Graham again for this intro. Red talks about “negative November” and some of the corruption in Mexico. Feels like there is a lot of pushback in the world right now. “If we burn, you burn with us”.

They also chat about the latest Roswell scandal and the apparent hacking of Rosewell Star Team computer… including Nick Redferns. Was someone really looking for the 1947 kodachrome alien photo, or is this disinfo or a hoax. We’ll probably never know. Then again, with Rick Nedfern’s sleuthiness maybe he can get to the bottom.

Graham wants to get the word out about some fund raisers and social media campaigns…. Help out these causes, along with Grimerica of course.

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