#98 – Grimerica Talks to Scott Russell – Coral Castle Solved?

# 97 – Grimerica Talks Climate Change with Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers
January 14, 2015
#99 – Grimerica Talks to David Mathisen – ‘The Undying Stars’
January 23, 2015

Scott Russell, Coral Castle – Solved ?!?! Scott has figure out the technology used to build Coral Castle. Scott is an inventor of all sorts and has reverse engineered and rebuilt the contraption that Ed Leedskalnin used to build Coral Castle. Scott could have the answer here, not just on the “sweet sixteen” wheel contraption but also how these massive blocks were quarried, moved and put into place. This isn’t just theory, Scott has turned his yard into a science experiment with multiple tripod assemblies all wired up for power. Check this shit out!!





In the intro Darren and Graham share listener lucid dream experiences and some feedback along with some synchronicities.

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  1. Dave Truman says:

    Hi Guys,
    I just wantd to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your recent shows. Yopu two have a style all of your won. It takes a bit of getting used to, but now I’m thoroughly hooked. When I finish this trip of South America, I shall pop a few dollars in your acount, to help you keep up the good work.

    I have another synchronicity that I must tell you about too. As I sed, I’m currently on a trip of South America, doing some fieldwork for a book I’m writing on an extremely ancient civilisation that once existed here on the Altiplano of Peru and Bolivia. I’m also seeing if I can get an alternative information network established here too. I’m in Bolivia, but I’d made plans to meet someone way down south in Montevideo regarding the information network. This meant travelling by bus over many thousands of miles and several weeks.

    On Monday, I’d arrived at the border with Argentina and Bolivia, at a small town called Villazon on the altiplano. I crossed into Argentina with bo problem, but I only had Bolivian money on me. I learned pretty quicly that there were no places on the Argentine side of the border that changed money. (This is a very remote mountain region), so I decided to use an ATM machine. I found that none of my cards worked in Argentina. I went to my hotel, and fortunately, the owner siad he’d accept payment in Bolivianos. I went to my room and opened my emails. My friend had emailed me to say that he couldn’t make it to Montevideo when we’d arranged, after all.

    It was cold and raining and I had just enough money on me to buy supper, but in Bolivianos. I asked in one of the town’s three restaurants, if they’d accept payment in Bolivianos. There was no way they could do this, according to the waiter. I felt cold, hungry and dejected, as I trudged my way back to the hotel in the pouring rain. I was in the sort of mood where you naturally stare at the ground while walking along. As I did so, I notced a bank note for 100 Argentine pesos lying in a puddle.

    I picked it up, turned on my heel, and headed back to the restaiurant looking towards the heavens saying thank you as I walked along. I didn;t bother to check the prices of what I ordered for supper, but curiously enough, the bill came exactly to 100 pesos.

    The next day, I headed back into Bolivia, where I was releived to hear the rustle of banknotes prior to receiving some much needed cash from an ATM there. I decided to friend and fellow investigator, who lives in the Bolivian town of Oruro to see if I could head over there. He was surprised to hear from me, but told me that over the last year they’d discovered some incredible ruins on the Southern Bolivian Altiplano that look to be extremely ancient and which don’t belong to any known culture. I took the next bus there.

    Make of this what you will. I’m still digesting it all.


    • G-gnome says:

      Hey Dave,

      Sounds like an amazing trip and please give us a little update after you get back. Would love to chat about it on the show.

      As far as the story goes…. the moral – don’t listen to people when they tell you to “keep your head up”… nice work, love those stories.


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