#104 – Grimerica Talks Transhumanism with Zoltan Istvan

#103 Bonus – Grimerica Talks to Eve Lorgen
February 16, 2015
#105 – Grimerica Talks Hidden Mathematics in the Giza Plateau with Ed Nightingale
February 27, 2015

#104 – Zoltan Istvan author of “The Transhumanist Wager”, is in Grimerica to chat about all things transhumant. He’s an adventurer, volcano boarder, journalist, writer, activist, graduate, and now into politics. What else do we need to say, there is much to talk about here.

The guys chat about virtual reality, simulation theory, halo goggles, medical and energy breakthroughs and much more. How will technology help and change our society for the better. Our two main concerns are addressed in here by Zoltan. How will running a political party called “The Transhumanist Party” help bring awareness to our fledgling governments and the public at large?










Red Pill Junkie is in the house of Grimerica for this intro. He talks about some of the latest news… see links below and his newly published blog about his first entheogenic experience, “In Search of the Blue Stag”. The guys chat about the normal crazy stuff, including the UFO quote of the week, listener feedback, synchronicities and lucid dream / ripple stick experiences.

Links for stuff talked about in the intro and show….:











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1 Comment

  1. Culture Industry says:

    Excellent show I love what RPJ had to say about his disagreement with science. Here is my take: Artificial Intelligence already has been created it’s called indoctrination and books. Nobody who has read about something has ever experienced anything and this is why books in the dictionary are defined as being reference tools and not learning tools. How come if a kid reads penthouse letters and tells his parents sex is x, they say you don’t know what you are talking about but if a kid quotes his history book he is intelligent? This is hypocrisy. Reading about something does not educate you it gives you preconceived generalized opinions. People who read about throwing a baseball can not throw a ball right because they have no experience with throwing a ball and are lacking perspective. Without perspective gained through experience you are just an ignorant person like a racist in a small all white town, you have one thousand generalized wrong prejudices and opinions about things you have never even been faced with. The school system is modelled right off of the church in fact the first school houses where churches. This is why schools have bells, books(bibles), preachers(teachers), students(congregation), and this is how science is taught? But it’s totally different and opposing to religion an ignorant dogmatist would claim. Just like religious zealots I see more and more people of the atheist mind trading personal experience for media, books, computers, and TV. Just like the Christians, Atheist scientists indoctrinate with bibles that claim to have all the answers and discourage others from investigating for themselves and if you do experiment and you find reality different than what they preach they will say how your hallucinating (the scientific devil) or you don’t perceive right (but somehow they do) and it boils down to the same control mechanism of hiding information behind people claiming that only the chosen one’s like the priest or scientist can lay witness to the truth. Now with AI science literally asks us all to totally suspend our disbelief and imagine they have consciousness figured out by defining intelligence as programming, modelled right off their religious school system of indoctrination through programming. My definition of intelligent is the ability to go beyond your programming. Science thinks programming is intelligence. So based on science how many features does my microwave oven have to have available for programming till we consider a programmable micro wave oven an intelligence of it’s own? Tesla who I like to use as the model for intelligence didn’t go to science classes and surly none of the morons of his time could have ever provided him with programming to do the things he did yet he went beyond his programming, beyond his environment and invented, creating things no one of the time could even imagine. Show me a computer that can go beyond what it is programmed to do or that can get information beyond its environment and then we can talk. If you heard Michael Shermer on Skeptico you’ll notice he totally avoided Alex’s question about the spirituality of the people who have changed the world giving credit instead to his ludicrous faith in ration. Just like science and other organizations who steal ideas, he don’t care how they cooked dinner he’s just their to eat at their table and gloat in their credibility. This is my pet peeve of science they are not inventors yet take the credit every time an inventor dreams something up. Philosophy 101 the first thing I learned in college Plato’s Phaedo a story about ration the point being that humans are so irrational especially when faced with authority that they would sentence a known national hero, Socrates, to death for impiety when they them self knew him and that he was anything but that. It isn’t ration that has changed civil rights it’s people experiencing and learning first hand the stereotypes are lies to divide us. That’s why the leaders are always separated from the sheep. Human’s are not rational and science does not deserve credit for what inventors, clairvoyants, psychics, and people who they have discredited have given humanity. No they have bragging rights only for tons of theory, bibles and computer models that have given us &^%$ all but generalized insufficient data and hope just like a religion. There is a reason we have one word for inventor and another word for scientist and that the media blurs that line to stop inventors when they create something the status quo doesn’t want in the public eye the scientist a guy who couldn’t invent a name for his child comes on the TV and tells you an invention, something not of his field of expertise, could not exist. So F scientist I respect science that means the study and testing of not the it goes against what I read in my scientific bible, science is a process not a person. Hey if you guys ever have an evolution guy on ask him what is the scientific process that determines if a fossil is an extinct species or a transitional species and listen for the crickets like a radio misterioso siren. Also asks them why all artist who draw the evolution of man depict the primates incorrectly having legs and arm similar to human’s? You can go to your local zoo like I have and see how different primates are their legs are small, human’s are long, primates arms are very long, unlike people’s, and having an elongated torso longer than us humans in fact I think human’s have a torso that is unlike any other species on the planet but I need to study that further. I feel the best leaving comments like this with you guys A; your not book writers so you won’t fight me about books like the rest of the podcasters who live off of them and make a living by them. But books are the greatest danger to the truth this is why my friend’s are so stupid because they drive half way across town to the library to get a book written by a Christian right wing anti progressive conspiracy theorist on Masons who asked somebody who heard from another guy, mean while my friend could have walked to the masonic lodge right down the street and asked them himself? And if you ever talk to Shermer tell him real skeptics point out the flaws in science, psychology, and society not point out the obviously fake like a guy in a monkey suit. Also I would love to hear a show on the damage Freudian ego has done to our society. As an individual I hate when science and religion, (same thing atheist created all religions), like to make us believe we are not us, we are not individuals but put here to be part of them or god, or society to justify the slavery to a government. Even if you guys have a Buddhist on if he starts claiming he dissolved the self, quoting one of my favorite movies, ask them “How am I not Myself”. I don’t believe the self is bad and that being you is egomaniacal yet science and religion both preach this to the flocks. Example in flaw of logic in OBE’s finding you are different than you thought still does not mean you lost self identity but people say this. How about meditation? Not thinking quieting the mind how does that equal loss of identity your still you are you not? Basically I see no proof of this shedding of the identity, and anyone who has had similar NDE’s to me reports seeing their life flash before them yet go on to claim the loss of self identity in the light. It don’t make sense it is conjecture to explain the fact that we don’t know how we got here and it also plays an important role in ruining the lives of individuals by making them believe falsely that personal sacrifice is for the whole when we see through out history sacrifice just puts duct tape over a sinking ship to keep the captain looking good so nobody panics. I think ego shaming should be made a term. Ego Shamming coined 12815

    PS: If a Buddhist is eaten by a cannibal is it not murder because he is the cannibal? Next time a car hits you or a person attacks you just tell your self I am them and they are me then why am I in pain and they are not? Guess I’m just not ascended enough and am an egotistical monster because I have faith in the only thing I know the self and personal experience.

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