#109 – Grimerica Talks Lunar Waves and Chemtrails with Crrow777

#108 – Grimerica Talks Mindfullness with Joseph Emet
March 20, 2015
Grimerica’s Interview on Obsidian Radio
March 31, 2015
Crrow777 of the Crrow Discovery Project and YouTube channel ‘Crrow777’ is here to challenge your views of our earth and space. His HD video work on the moon, chemtrails, and general sky watching is garnering attention. Crrow has turned a corner and ‘come out’ with his controversial opinions about the Moon. After seeing his Lunar wave video’s this stance is understandable and if seriously considered will truly shatter paradigm’s. He’s also got some convincing videos’ of orbs flying through chemtrails and UFO’s flying past the moon, just to name a couple.
Crrow 777 YouTube Channel

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In the intro, it’s Darren and Graham sharing thoughts and stories. Graham reads some listener Lucid Dreaming / OBE experiences and some feedback. And of course the weekly UFO quote….

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  1. CLuber says:

    Crow777 – what a flippin’ nutcase. But these guys are always fun to listen to because the longer they talk, the farther behind they leave reality. It’s fascinating to get a glimpse of what happens when a mind derails.

  2. Larry Koehn says:

    Crow knows you can’t see any of the Apollo landers that landed on the Moon with a small telescope he owns. Hell, the 200 inch Palomar telescope can’t even pick it up. Crow told me that the Shuttle program never made it into space. The astronauts that died in the two shuttle disasters never happened. The guy is a blithering idiot!

    • D-ron says:

      We leave it to our listeners to decide for themselves, but if even 10% of what he’s saying turns out to be true, it’s scary enough. As we touched on in the interview our opinion would be that IF all of this was true, than the astronauts and NASA employees would probably no know the truth.

  3. Great interview, have you heard about this idea presented by David Icke, Who Built the Moon? This topic is started about 51 minutes into it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GMCyrqsyYA

    • D-ron says:

      Thanks, I’ll take a look, Icke is somebody I’ve been trying to get on the show for over a year now…

  4. G-gnome says:

    Wow. strong comments. No need to get too nasty here in Grimerica, Please and thanks. Assuming that these are all not faked then how is one supposed to react if one sees and filmed some of that stuff. Would your worldview maybe change a bit.

    Where do we draw the line. Is everyone who sees Walmart size craft crazy. I think not. As James Fox’s doc says. “I know what I saw”….

    Thanks for listening,

  5. G47 says:

    Found this site while searching for further information re: Crrow’s moon videos. I’ve watched a few of his and am halfway through one of his ‘higherside’ (?) interviews. Yes, my interest is definitely piqued and I’ll continue viewing and listening

    I can understand the scepticism. We tend to base our opinions in light of our own experiences. Some have few if any paradigm-challenging experiences and as result, they believe the world is as it appears and they’re generally scared of anything which hints otherwise. Others have experienced one or more events which have forced them to consider that our reality is not always as it’s portrayed and this renders them more accepting of the experiences of others

    Millions have experienced precognition. In other words, they’ve been shown (either in a dream or images, etc.) what the future holds – they’ve seen accurate portrayals of future events. What’s science’s answer to that? I’m genuinely asking. As a rule, science (and society) seems to attack and discredit the experiencer by saying the person has ‘imagined’ it, or invented it after the fact, etc. But no – people DO see the alleged ‘future’ and often very accurately, as is proven when the event occurs in our ‘reality’. Very often, those who’ve been shown the alleged ‘future’ have told others about the dream or images PRIOR to the event replaying in our ‘reality’. There are thousands of documented instances of this and some of those who’ve seen the alleged ‘future’ have been children

    HOW were they able to see the alleged ‘future’ unless somewhere, someone, had already decided on what the alleged ‘future’ would be? How? Think about it. Come up with the explanation if you can. If you cannot, then you have something to ponder. And maybe during your search for answers and explanation, you might arrive at the conclusion there is definitely more to this world than you were aware of or wanted to accept

    AND, if you are forced to accept the world isn’t all you previously believed and wanted to believe — then you will also be forced to accept that someone/something, somewhere, is running the show, including controlling your own life. What other explanation is there for precognition ?

    Precognition does not merely apply to planes falling from the sky, bridge collapses and other big media news. Precognition involves thousands of seemingly unimportant little events such as knowing when someone will die or will contact you. It involves major and minor traffic accidents and even the fact you or someone else will be mugged or will burn your toast, etc.

    If the ‘future’ has not been decided beforehand, HOW are people able to see it in advance? There’s only one conclusion an honest individual can reach and that is — someone/something is running this world and our lives. Find another explanation if you can. Most hate the idea. To push it from their minds, they attack those who have seen the alleged ‘future’ in advance. The alternative is too disturbing for most. But, disturbing or not, precognition and its myriad implications stare everyone in the face and isn’t going away. Accept what precognition reveals or keep running from it — makes no difference. The alleged ‘future’ isn’t decided by you or me — someone/something writes our so-called ‘future’ and carries it out

    So who/what is the ‘something’ which writes and orchestrates our alleged ‘future’ ? Religions have been formed on that question. The ‘deciders’ have been called god or gods. Because precognition has always been with mankind – has proven itself repeatedly. In the process, humans have known they are helpless puppets. It disturbs them so deeply they run to or away from religions. They use substances and meditation in search of the puppeteers and explanation

    Ok. So we know that down here on the ground, our lives are determined by one or more creatures, entities, etc. Is it such a surprise, then, to hear it suggested that those same puppeteers could control the Moon? Isn’t it time we began trying to understand who and what we are — and ‘why’ we are in the first place? We need all the help we can get, let’s face it. And if someone has managed to grab a tiny piece of the puzzle via anomalous Moon activity, shouldn’t we be paying attention rather than dismissing it because we’re too scared to even consider it ?

  6. Larry Koehn says:


    When a teacher or researcher speaks, you listen to see if he truly knows what he is talking about. Crow doesn’t. Crow says Mars has canals, the Moon is only a few hundred mile above the Earth, the Shuttle program never happened, and there are “shadow ships.” Then he makes unsubstantiated proclamations that he has spent thousands of hours behind the telescope. He doesn’t use his real name. I can go on and on, but I hope you are getting my point.

    Who would anyone listen to someone making such idiotic statements? Why would anyone listen to someone who deletes posts that contradicts his views of the wave? I mean the guy will delete the post within an hour after you press “save!” What is he hiding? What is his true name? He had a website up until recently, but he purposely hid his name and address for that website.

    If he wouldn’t make such asinine remarks, then some credibility would come into play…but not crow! Crow hides, lies and denies! Why would anyone hide if he wants to promote his “phenomenon?” He should be open as a book!

  7. G47 says:

    @ Larry Koehn. If your above post is any indication of those you’ve posted to the Crrow channel, I can’t say I blame him for deleting you and all those like you who for some reason exhibit a great deal of anger, above all. So first, why not examine your opinions? Find out why you’re so angry. Because a major cause of anger is fear. So what are you afraid of?

    Ok, moving on from you and back to Crrow, huh? Not everyone is going to like everyone they encounter, as we’re aware. Not every theory is going to be unanimously accepted or entertained. The Crrow channel attracts those with an open mind and those prepared to consider Crrow’s theories. It also attracts those who’ve considered similar theories as proposed by numerous others over the centuries. Some people, outside of anything put to them by others, have privately wondered about the Moon. After all, science states the Moon simply cannot exist, or should not exist, all considered. You can find science’s claims about that online and elsewhere at your leisure. Do you rant against science? No? Why not?

    Your angry attacks against Crrow contain nothing of value. What provable theories have you offered to debunk Crrow’s videos? Why, then, would you consider your personal attacks should be suffered either by Crrow or the millions who’ve watched the videos and found them to be worthy of consideration?

    So again, examine your motives and reasons for your own anger. That’s something over which you do have some control and at the same time would eliminate what to me seems your intent to derail, distract, etc. from a topic which many find to be of great interest

    • Larry Koehn says:

      Who said I was angry? And you never addressed any of the key points I brought up. So you do believe crow when he says the shuttle program never existed? The bereaved families of the astronauts lost in the two shuttle accidents were crying over empty graves…right? Again, Crow said it.

    • Larry Koehn says:

      Here is a good one from crow – Crrow777 4 days ago
      +ascetic43 The main reason is because critics are not here to help and in the new reality critics will have no place. Criticizing is old world thinking to me.

  8. Larry Koehn says:

    Oh, by the way G47, EarthSky.org, NASA and spaceweather.com linked to my website this week for the truth I offer about the Moon. I don’t believe crow received similar links, if any, this week.

  9. steve says:

    for Larry Koehn .the fact that NASA ect do not link to Crrow is to his credit…and I am aware of what it says about you and your views on such matters….if I wish to know what you think I can always turn on the tv……..

  10. Not finished listening to the entire interview yet. I’ve watched the video of the “lunar wave.” He mentioned in the podcast he’s in “the desert” (Arizona), so I’m wondering: Has he considered how the rippling effect he’s recording might be merely a mirage effect caused by the atmosphere?

  11. FutureFossil says:

    I wanted to make a few points.

    One: When we consider someone’s (i.e. – the guest’s) observations and opinions, it is possible to come away with useful information from the dialogue itself, even if you don’t agree or believe that person. There may be information that seems unlikely which could tie into something else down the road. Judging too quickly is a form of knowledge filtration. I find there is an overwhelming number of people who need to have everything defined, numbered and verified right there on the spot and lack the ability to “backburner” topics till a later date when they could become useful. Crrow777’s information could be 90% wrong and 10% right. That 10% could be very important. Truth can be hidden within misinformation/disinformation.

    Two: Just because someone has ideas that seem outlandish doesn’t make them an idiot, it makes them insightful and imaginative even if they don’t succeed at what they are promulgating. We NEED to have imagination in order to find new things and break new ground, even if we’re “wrong”. If we personally bash and call people idiots (appealing to emotion), then we do everyone a disservice and we get nowhere other than what the mainstream is propagandizing. This is a form of confirmation bias toward a preconceived camp of thought rather than seeking new ways of interpreting what could be. Basically we need to listen and process rather than just immediately throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Three: Some people have made comments suggesting Crrow777 made basic errors in his lunar wave analysis. He actually did explain quite thoroughly in his many of his videos how the wave was not due to the camera because he filmed the moon at different rotated angles thus stating that the wave is not an artifact of the camera or video process since the wave would maintain its direction relative to the moon and not the camera (this is open to further study). This is one point among many he made. So, if we are going to dog on Crrow777, then let’s at least make sure we are up to date on his points. That said, I’m not a believer of all his theories nor do I care. We always need to consider all the possibilities when we start making conjectures about what something is or isn’t. The lunar wave could potentially be some kind of gravitic or energetic pulse wave going through the moon causing light near the surface to bend/distort. Personally, I think the observation is very interesting and requires more research. Conjectures beyond this need supporting evidence.

    Four: As researchers and investigators we should be careful and quite clear about what we have observed and what is theoretical. If we state something is conjecture and that we could be wrong about it, people will be easier on you if you’re off the mark. So don’t plant flagpoles calling somewhere home (closed system/belief/stagnation), get a surfboard and ride the wave like a true information warrior (dynamic/open/flexible/growth).

    Potentially useful information can come from anywhere. If someone eats a piece of gold and craps it out, people call it crap because that’s all they see, but a year later, the crap is gone and the gold is left behind.

    • Larry Koehn says:

      God…what an analogy in the last paragraph. Sounds like something crow would say.

      Dazza will be on Grimerica tonight speaking about crow’s wave.

    • Graham says:

      Well said. I like that attitude and open mindedness.
      Thanks for listening and articulating your thoughts and feelings around this controversial topic.

  12. Noz says:

    Crrow claims he’s spent thousands of hours filming and PROVING….what has he proved?

    The host asks Crrow what he thinks they are…and his answer is “All’s I can do is SPECULATE.”

    Speculate is not proving…it’s speculating. He has no proof..he just has videos that he makes interpretations of what he sees based ONLY on his own belief system and limited understanding of science.

  13. Here at Toronto Street News tabloid of 16 years we have suffered 3 arson attacks, 3 attempts on my life.

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    Have a look at our primitive site under construction. Our previous site was hacked as well as my hotmail email account of 12 years.

    I print many photos of chemtrails since 1999 over Toronto including a giant ‘X’ over the CN tower.

    Best wishes.

    — Victor Fletcher / torontostnews.com

  14. Chemtrails in Ontario appear from US plane bases according to our friend Captain Platt of the Canadian Armed Services (intelligence).
    He said back in 2005 that Canada does not have what he named “Tankers” to do the spraying.
    Additionally, on our front page we ran the story one year recently that the Carnegit Institute suggested that we need more geo-engineering (chemtrails).

    -Torontostnews.com / suffered 3 arson attacks / 3 attempts on my life

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