#123 – Grahamerica Talks To Denny Unger and Mark Allard

#122 – Grimerica Talks Alberta’s Hidden Stonehenge with Gordon Freeman
June 21, 2015
#124 – Grimerica Talks The Truth About Nuclear Energy with ‘Atomic’ Rod Adams
July 3, 2015
Denny Unger, Creative Director of Cloudhead Games and Mark Allard, author of Regressions join Graham during his roadtrip to Vancouver for the episode. Denny’s Virtual Reality game called The Gallery Six Elements is set to be released at the end of this year on the VIVE (Valve and HTC) platform. Graham’s get to try to the latest demo in the Cloudhead studio and the guys chat about the latest technology and all things VR. We are entering into the Holodeck version 1… are we ready?
Mark Allard, Psychosomatic practitioner, lifestyle therapist, author, artist and musician is working on the sequel to this first book and wrapping a mulitmedia video and music album around that release. Mark is an articulate and fascinating dude who has truly done the work to expand his learning.  Mark and Graham chat about all kinds of stuff including VR, George Noory and Friends, Transhumanism (and networking vs. socializing digitally), climate change, NLP and the most important part ….. how radical honesty create’s happiness.
This intro is the first recorded in the newly built studio/sweatlodge (old walk in freezer/igloo/bomb shelter thingy) in Darren’s garage. Let us know if you hear an improvement in the audio. Graham shares some listener feedback and the usual Profound UFO Quote of the Week,as well as a rare gift sent to the studio (record album and letter from Patrick at Songskrft). And also some interesting listener synchronicities. Reflective Air podcast is also mentioned… big shout out to Morgan and NotMorgan. Listen to their latest episode.
Links to stuff talked about during the intro and the episode….:
The Alchemical Dream. Terrance Mackenna
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