#131 – Randall Carlson & Edward Nightingale Come Back to The Igloo

#130 – Grimerica Talks Spirituality, Mindfulness, & More with Duncan Trussell
August 14, 2015
#132 – Grimerica Talks The Gift of Cancer with Brenda Michaels
August 30, 2015
Interview Starts 58:30
Randall, Ed and crew are back in the igloo for the tail end of their preliminary research trip. If you haven’t listened to #129 yet you may want to go back and check that out first. Otherwise this one will still stand alone as a greatly information ep. We hear a bit of a wrap up from their trip through the rockies and up north to the genesis point of Big Rock. The crew gets to chance to chime in with some comments and questions. Thanks to Bill, Brad, Bryan and George for hanging and helping out.
Although we touch on ancient civilizations and catastrophism we touch on some different aspects.
Randall’s stuff:
Links to stuff in the show:
In the intro Graham shares some mini-synchro’s that have come across his path through other shows and emails. Also, some listener feedback and stories are shared.
Joseph Druet has started astrology readings after quitting his day job and joins Darren and Graham in the intro to cast the guys Astrological charts and do a little reading. See Joseph’s deets below for a value for value reading.
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