#142 – Grimerica Talks Star Myths and Constellations with David Mathisen

#141 – Grimerica Talks Witches & Psychedelic Ointments with Thomas Hatsis
October 30, 2015
#143 – Grimerica Talks Fighting the Sky and Shadow People with Conrad Faraj
November 15, 2015


Interview Starts 31:50
David Mathisen, will be giving us a sneak peak into his upcoming book. Star Myths of the World – And How to Interpret Them. This is volume one of a complete guide to the world wide celestial system of metaphor, sometimes called Astro-Theology. This forms the foundation of virtually all sacred texts and myths. David is one our listener favorites and was on our show previously discussing his book The Undying Stars, among many other things. 
We chat about the commonality of different star myths from various cultures and also some of the great app’s to use for stargazing. David has created this volume to enable others to learn how to identify these correlations.
In the intro we chat about our night out on Halloween at Morgans pub with Wasted Nation. Graham shares listener Trip reports and a mini Others Report App segment. Check out crystal sound bath coming up at Calgary Dowsers….
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  1. Napoléon Doom says:

    Glad to hear more from David Mathisen! He makes me wonder how much of our current collective beliefs are rooted in repetitive imagery we see in films and other media (which are just reflections of persisting story cycles from the cultures that came before us.)

    Also, thanks very much for the shout out! Much appreciated!

  2. dwm says:

    Thanks again to Graham and Darren and the rest of Grimerica for having me over to the show. Thanks Napoleon for your comments above and for the stellar artwork!

    Really enjoyed this conversation and really commend Darren and Graham for the work that they are doing. You may not realize it (actually I’m sure you do realize it), but these kinds of conversations and great hosts like you are essential for the exploration of these important subjects.

    I put some of my own show notes and links for anyone who’s interested over at this link (at my blog).

    Thanks, Grimerica — keep on with it, world peace, and be kind to Sasquatch!

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