#153 – Grimerica Talks UFO’s, Presidential Nominee’s & Consciousness with Grant Cameron

#152 – Grimerica Talks IGod with Rashmi Khilnani
January 16, 2016
#154 – Grimerica Talks Owls, Synchros, Abductions & More with Mike Clelland
January 29, 2016

Interview starts 30:05

Grant Cameron is back for this timely episode. Grant was personally responsible for many of the FOIA’s regarding USA politicians and UFO which is creating a stir in the political race. Hillary and Cruz have already had to answer this question. This could escalate and the disclosure crowd is getting excited. This is the first time Grant has talked about it since Daymond Steer from the Conway Daily Sun asked Hillary about UFO’s.
Although Grant has 5 or 6 books to be published it takes us a while to get there in the midst of the fresh political content. Grant has been expanding the research of the late Michael Luckman on contact and musicians. The numbers of prominent popular musicians who have had contact experience and/or UFO interest is absolute staggering. 41% of experiencers are getting “downloads” of some sort. Something is going on…….. Grant is a listener favorite, a fellow Canadian and this chat is full of great content.
In the intro Darren and Graham thank some contributers to the show and share some more personal experiences from listeners about the last episode and synchronicities.
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  1. "The Flash" says:

    Ronald Reagan was President from Jan. 20th 1981 to Jan. 20th 1989. If his UFO sighting was in 1974 he was Governor of California, not the President as Darren said. Great podcast with Grant Cameron. Always look forward to listening to him. He’s a walking, talking UFO encyclopedia. IMHO, he’s the best UFO researcher in the world right now.

  2. odamsy says:

    Wow this interview was amazing for me in so many ways. Iam in shock rite now . I wish I had the time to say why but it’s my life story. Thanks for this and the rest of the interviews Ian almost done with all of them

  3. Graham says:

    Thanks for listening guys. He’s always been one of my favorites as well. Love the fast talking style.

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