#156 – Grimerica Talks Mythology, Spirituality & Much More with Gordon White

Interview Starts 31:05

Gordon White is in Grimerica for a fascinating chat about his new book ‘star.ships – the prehistory of spirits’, and how we underestimate mythology and esoteric tradition. We chat about early humanity’s migration, alternative history, ancient mysteries, cultural complexity in the past, magic, corporate tech advancement, OOPA’s and much more.
Gordon seems to go deeper into topics like Egypt, Sundaland, consciousness, evolution, spirits and mythology.
Big shout out to Greg at The Higherside Chats for helping us contact Gordon.
In the intro Graham and Darren read an email from a skeptical listener, and they chat about evidence and the debate on human caused climate change.
Links to stuff talked about in the intro and the show:
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5 comments on #156 – Grimerica Talks Mythology, Spirituality & Much More with Gordon White

  1. Richard Valentine says:

    Just finished listening to the Gordon White podcast. Wow … goes right to the top of the “Favorites” list along with Randall Carlson. These two guys have expanded my brain so much that it’s starting to leak out of my ears … and I love it. Can’t wait for him to come back for another couple of hours.

    Love the podcast. Keep up the great work, and Darren, don’t put a curse on Graham, O.K.? We need him around for comic relief. 🙂

  2. odamsy says:

    At 1:55 I was yelling out what about mfktz. The Egyptians practice of turning gold to a White powder that sends them to the eternal realms. I read about it in a book called secrets of the ark. But have not heard of anyone talking about it. Please look into it graham

  3. Hey hey! I’m not sure if it was a joke or not, but y’all mentioned some “Theory of Everything” video early on in the ep and I don’t think that the link is in the show notes. I’m interested in watching it and would like to make sure I watch the right video since there are 5,180,000 youtube results for “Theory of Everything”.

    Thanks guys!

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