#162 – Grimerica Talks Obe’s & “The Dance of Heavenly Bliss” with Garnet Shulhauser

#161 – Grimerica Talks Conquering Stress and the Path to Peace with Kimberly Palm
March 18, 2016
#163 – Grimerica Talks Ancient Aliens with Erich Von Däniken
April 1, 2016

Interview Starts 46:20

Garnet Schulhauser is back in Grimerica to chat about his latest book “The Dance of Heavenly Bliss”, to complete the trilogy. Garnet has been led on some amazing OBE’s and has received some answers to some big questions. Garnet’s story is one of those massive transformations, from Downtown Lawyer to a spiritual messenger initiated through some fantastic personal experiences.
We chat about Gaia, dolphins and whales, the akashic records, psychedelics, ET’s, Sasquatch and spirituality….. among lots of other stuff.
https://grimerica.ca/115/ Garnet’s first visit in Grimerica
In the intro we chat about Jestin’s latest blog on anecdotal evidence, share some listener feedback and synchronicities and Graham talks about watching some demonstrations on free energy. This week’s UFO quote is an audio clip from Hillary on Jimmy Kimmel.
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