#182 – Grimerica Talk The 1984 Reality, Metaphysics, and Meditation with Eathan Indigo Smith

#181 – Grimerica Talks Predictive Linguistics with Clif High
August 6, 2016
#183 – Grimerica Talks Geocentrism and “The Principle” with Rick Delano & KTEE
August 21, 2016

Interview Starts 26:05

Ethan Indigo Smith – Writer, Activist, Snowboard instructor, yogi, Tai Chi practitioner joins us to chat about his work and his writings. His latest book is “The Geometry of Energy – How to Meditate” and he has also written “The Matrix of Four” and “The Complete Patriots guide to Oligarchical Collectivism: It’s Theory and Practice”  among many others. Ethan also writes from many websites.
We chat about 1984, truth vs. lacking an opinion, mainstream media, nullisis to oligarchy, metaphysics of monotheists, meditation, the military state, GMO’s and Nuclear pollution and many other topics.
In the intro the guys chat about some feedback from the latest episode with Clif High and the corresponding listener synchronicities. Graham reads some MUFON cases instead of the traditional UFO quote of the week. Thanks for everyone who has sent feedback and stories etc.
See the links below for stuff we chatted about during the intro and the show:
https://grimerica.ca/ep181/ ep with Clif High
http://www.historyguide.org/intellect/allegory.html Plato’s “allegory of the cave”
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  1. Ulysses says:

    I have to side mostly with Darren on his rating. The infinity symbol is too immediate an association within that context to be considered notable that two people thought of it at the same time. But I’d agree with Graham that the addition of the infinity symbol on the truck at that exact time is the point of interest. That is the low probability event that suggests non-randomness.

    However, that symbol is quite common as a vehicle sticker, jewelry, tattoo etc. That and the fact that this podcast has a higher than chance likelihood of discussing infinity makes me want to call this a perceptual blip more than a synchronicity. Only the second part of the synchro report is arguably the only technically synchronicitous aspect of the report (synchronicity = events connected by meaning without causal connection).

    I would categorize this a perceptual/subconscious effect such as the one Robert Anton Wilson defined very well in Prometheus Rising. Reference: http://www.hypnosis.land/manifesting-secrets-3/

    The mind of the synch reporter was prepped and inclined to perceive the infinity symbol visual and became more inclined to pick out the symbol in meat space. What’s interesting is that it all happened very quickly and nearly simultaneously.

    My rating of Darren’s rating: B+.

  2. Ulysses says:

    Oh and by the way. The article I’m writing for Grimerica is about Hegelian dialectics which is mentioned by the guest. So there.

  3. Reg says:

    On a creepy note, to anyone interested in EVP, listen at 1:39:18 and tell me if you hear an evil laugh in the background when Ethan says “Nazis who should have been put on trial”. I may have been Skype fizzling or something. Check it out.

  4. You haven’t read “1984”, son? The strange ballbag of Squatch lurches like the bell of Gunter. When are you lads gonna get Dr. Norman Bergrun on the show? The Ringmakers of Saturn is no laughing matter. The situation is becoming “critical” according to Dr. Bergrun.

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