#184 – Grimerica Talks Italian Strega, Lake Nemi, & Giants with Ralph Anthony Castaldo

#183 – Grimerica Talks Geocentrism and “The Principle” with Rick Delano & KTEE
August 21, 2016
#185 – Grimerica Talks Electric Universe Theory with Wal Thornill
September 3, 2016

interview Starts 53:55

Ralph ‘Ra’ Anthony Castaldo joins us for a chat about Italian Strega/Witchcraft, the secrets of Lake Nemi, how to perform your own past life recall, and the mystery of ancient red haired giants. Ra is a retired Muay Thai fighter, mystic, aura healer, songwriter/artist, and radio host.
We also chat about his strange experiences that include a MILAB, NDE, prophetic dreams, and his hereditary Strega just to name a few. Ra, just started a show on the Para X radio network called Spiral Radio….
In the intro James Nation joins Darren and Graham for a funny chat about weather modification, skydiving and wing suit flying. Graham shares a couple of mini synchro’s of his own and some listener feedback.
See the attached links for stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:
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  1. Billy says:

    Awesome been waiting for the latest from yall and its here downloading now thanks

  2. RA says:

    Great chat guys …just my thats my old twitter..lol dont know how u even found that one hahaha…the two @Ra_Muay and @moontribemma also im on para x network fridays at 8pm spiral radio….spiral out

  3. Ulysses says:

    Scientific info regarding the link between lucid dreaming/mental rehearsal and improved sports performance/motor skill: http://dare.uva.nl/cgi/arno/show.cgi?fid=568844

    Sadly a lot of the studies are behind a paywall. But according to seceral abstracts on the topic, there is a statistically signifcant corelation.

    There are many books on the topic available free on google. For those wanting to look deeper into it.

    Related to this, there is considerable evidence linking attentiveness meditatiom and neuroplasticty.

    I consider visualisation and lucid dreaming as a method for improving physical performance as a scientific fact and have successfully used the method myself. In addition to this there is several thousand years of anecdotal evidence suggesting the mind’s ability to affect the body and more is a common phenomena.

    To my undertanding, there is approximately 150 years of evidence for the existence of PSI. But I can not say I’m an expert in any of these fields.

    As I undertand it, it would not be possible for someone to train to skydive exclusively using the method but the method is provably reliable for improving athletic performance.

  4. Ulysses says:

    I give Darren’s rating a C this time. My hunch is that he was rating the synchro more harshly because it’s Graham’s story. And I think this is confirmed by his very quick adjustment to a hire rating. As a paid subscriber to the podcast I’m looking for fair, objective ratings. I feel like I was let down pretty seriously and to me this is a serious betrayal and my heart hurts and I’m crying myself to sleep tonight. Good job Darren! Just great!

  5. Mr.Owl says:

    My theory on Graham’s mullet leaning tendencies have been confirmed in ep.184 at 4:03. And I quote: Graham: ‘Leaping Lenny Poffo was one of my favorites. He had hair like me.’ James: ‘You had hair like Leaping Lenny? Ha ha! A big mullet…’
    In the comments section of episode #171, on May 28th 2017 at 10:30 am I stated this: ‘I have actually always pictured Graham with a blonde mullet and a foam trucker cap. I will continue to picture him this way until further notice, or until I am corrected with a decent portrait of Graham the Great.’ Napoleon Doom agreed: ‘I can totally see this, except I can’t say for sure if it is indeed a mullet or more just a graduated flow (like Kris Letang sported back in the day) its so hard to tell under that foam cap!’ The jury is still out on the foam trucker cap, but it is now clear that I remote viewed Graham’s hairstyle in the distant past based on nothing other that voice analysis. Keep up the great work fellas!

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