#191 – Grimerica Talks Sustainable Lifeboats, Cavitation, Mysticism, and More with Dr. Richard Alan Miller

#190 – BONUS – Grimerica Road trip to Grand Coulee
October 3, 2016
#192 – Grimerica Talks “Illness Defined” and Heavy Metal Mercury Poisoning with Richard Diaz
October 15, 2016


Interview Starts 34:55
Dr. Richard Alan Miller – author of many books on surviving off the grid, alternative agriculture, and training super soldiers is in Grimerica.  We chat about his past training nave seals, polymaths, cybernetic anthropology, merkaba  mysticism. 
The fourth phase of water, fullerene water, cavitation,  and his ‘knot’ theory comes, up a few times and we chat about living off the grid and alternative agriculture. 
See the approximate topical timeline to our discussion:
2:00 – We get into his extensive background; jungian, magician, holographic universe, his time training the navy seals about intuition
10:00 – The new science of cavitation, is Nibiru a binary star with a Dyson sphere?
16:00 – Creating your own reality
21:00 – Learning new things and the nature of information
38:00 – Terraforming with 3 ingredients,  and the seed/spice trade
44:00 – Geodesic sustainable lifeboats and secret courses
51:00 – Holographic universe vs space time universe and the role of information
1:03:00 – 9/11 and the new nuclear weapons
1:12:00 – Chemtrails and the Chilliwack airport, combating aluminum poisoning and other toxins
1:16:00 – Combatting cancer with mushrooms and oxygen
1:24:00 – The coming collapse and the crooked bankers, synthetic telepathy and functional savants. 
In the intro James Nations joins us and we happen to dive into surviving a collapse. James tells us of a synchro and Graham reads some listener emails. They chat about the weather modification, the Holy Grail movie and of course the good ole UFO quote of the week.
Links to stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKhEw7nD9C4 king author and the black knight
https://nanospireinc.com/ Mark LeClair and Cavitation
http://www.ebnerandsons.com/ The Fourth Phase of Water
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