#198 – Grimerica Talks Paul is Dead & The Memoirs of Billy Shears with Mike Williams

#197 – Grimerica Talks Precognitive OBE’s, Infra-Liminal Sound, & More with Graham Nicholls
November 12, 2016
Grimerican Call to Action
November 23, 2016

Interview Starts 39:25

Mike Williams from Sage of Quay radio joins us to chat about Thomas E. Uharriet’s book The Memoirs of Billy Shears. This book is about the death of the Beetle – Paul McCartney, the cover up and replacement of Paul by Bill Sheppard aka Billy Shears. Our friend Mark Allard joins us for this chat and we chat about the specific mystery along with the bigger picture control system of our pop culture and music industry.
We also chat about the Tavistock Institute, mind control, masonic rituals and the deep state. Spirituality, black magic, wikileaks, project Blue Beam, are some of the topics we touch on. Thanks to Mark for joining us and helping out with this one.
In the intro we chat about the Pepe meme and the Egyptian god Kek, and the supernatural shitshow that could be going on behind the scenes. We share some listener synchronicities and some feedback. Please see the links at the bottom for how you can support the show and continue the free content.
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1 Comment

  1. Zenbuoy says:

    Enjoy your work.
    The pictures show clarity unless the thinking is brainwashed.
    Discussing disinformation is advancing chaos magick. Saw you had linked the Phil Ackrill link, too. Its all there in the large photo album. This (IS) all a SATANIC ploy – discussing it by those selling this FREE information INCORRECTLY is more of the same. It is a CURRENT SATANIC RITUAL…it’s NOT about money.

    “Paul did NOT die in 1966: Phil Ackrill (‘Hey Jude’-1968) & James Paul McCartney (“Let it Be”-1968)”

    They didn’t ’see if they could hide someone in plain sight’…before the PAUL SATANIC RITUAL…”Yep, even Doris Day was replaced… http://tinyurl.com/z8f4nfa

    Dave McGowan’s work is pivotal. “Weird Scene: a healthy Dave McGowan dies after uncharted heavy metal bout with “Cancer” http://tinyurl.com/zxxr82u



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