#209 – Grimerica Talks Shakespearean Mathematical Codes & The Monkees with Alan Green

#208 – Grimerica Talks Rogue Planets, Sun Deities, & More with Wayne Steiger & Steve Olson
January 29, 2017
#210 – Grimerica Talks Small Town Monsters and Mothman with Set Breedlove & Lyle Blackburn
February 10, 2017

Interview Starts 37:05

Alan Green joins us for a fun chat about partially uncovering some of the Shakespeare mysteries and his time traveling and working with the Monkees. We chat about his talk at CPAK and how he has found poetic and mathematical codes in Shakespeare and how this also relates to the great pyramid.
There are some synchronicities along his path that are so great, they are truly hard to believe. He’s a musician, a teacher, explorer, researcher and writer with a zest for life and a deep desire to uncover the truth behind some deep mysteries.
In the intro Darren chats about some feedback on social media, shares a new listener jingle and Graham share’s a UFO report from the C.I.A. Graham also reads some listener trip reports and thank you for sharing and supporting the show.
Links to stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:
http://cycleoftheages.org/speakers.html CPAK – Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6A5O3OO-Uo  Michael Dunn as Sherlock Holmes solves the Shakespeare Mystery
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  1. Stephen Carr says:

    According to Wikipedia William Shakespeare had a rather good education contrary to what was claimed in the podcast. In fact it seems the general picture painted buy your guest of Shakespeare is rather misleading.

  2. olompali says:

    Why the 80’s had such variety and 1 hit wonders?

  3. vasra says:

    Incredible episode with an eloquently spoken person esp. after all the stoners and other incoherent babblers 😀

    Thanks! Will certainly follow up his stuff.

    Did you know he’s already found at least 43 constants in the Giza pyramid dimensions?

    Already voted at his site at http://www.tobeornottobe.org/vote

    Please bring him back when he has more material.

    Thanks for the great show as usual!

    • Graham says:

      Thanks for listening. ‘stoner’ not stoners…. 😉

      Will try to have him back. Glad you liked it besides the babbling

  4. anthony says:

    can someone post a picture of the sonnets triangles he was talking about? having a hard time seeing it.or buying it.

  5. Sean says:

    Nice guy but a UI.

    Oxford and Devere, and Bacon…are limited hangouts to keep it “British”. John Florio, an Italian, was the real Shakespeare.

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