#211 – Grimerica Talks Time Quanta and The Nature of Reality with Craig Flowers

#210 – Grimerica Talks Small Town Monsters and Mothman with Set Breedlove & Lyle Blackburn
February 10, 2017
#212 – Grimerica Talks Synchronicities & Zohar Prophecies with David Charles Plate
February 25, 2017


interview starts 35:10
Craig Flowers joins us to talk about his work, the “Heretics Guide to Reality”, hopefully an upcoming book or video presentation. It’s a new TOE – Theory of Everything with new equations including Time. Time as a quantum particle?..
Craig is a long time listener to the show and we’ve been going back and forth about his theories. We thought it best to give him a platform to discuss this. It’s very thought provoking and intriguing.
We chat about some of the mainstream discoveries that have yet to persuade the dogmatic institutionalized paradigm we are in. We talk about time crystals and how it’s impossible for galaxies to be bumping into each other if they are all supposed to be expanding outwards. The simulation theory, a new Drake equation, Nassim Haramein’s work, geometry vs math and puritanical science are other topics that we touch on.
Craig also shares how he thinks he came about this information and his process of articulation.
In the intro Jessica,who is another listener of the show joins us to chat about the importance of having open minded conversations, and to share one of her ghost experiences. Jessica lives in LA and we chat about some of the history of that area and the weirdness. Thanks to Jessica and Craig for coming on the show.
In the intro we also chat about some listener synchronicities and the traditional ufo quote of the week. We are meeting up in Washington near Spokane on March 4. Contact one of us if you want more details.
Please see the links below for stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:
http://resonance.is/ Nassim’s work
https://grimerica.ca/ep160/ Neal Adams, growing earth theory
https://grimerica.ca/ep185/ Wal Thornhil, electric universe theory
https://grimerica.ca/ep164/ Jamie Janover, unified field theory
https://grimerica.ca/ep153/ Grant Cameron, UFO’s and Consiousness
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  1. Kate says:

    I just heard Jessica; she was great. Smart, relatable. I myself lasted in L.A. for eleven years and I’d probably still be there if I’d been able to reconcile the dark, and the murk, with the relentlessly smiling people who really don’t want to talk about it. I did, still do. I remember a Saturday in Venice, drinking Russian vodka with an Executive Producer and learning that the current project he’d hired me on was less an entertainment endeavor than a government one. It should have been more shocking but it explained some of weird/dark. It sucks I never met a Jessica in L.A, or even anybody who was willing to stop..smiling. Does Jessica have a website?

    This is the first I’ve heard your podcast. I’ve never seen it on ITunes before today which makes no sense, because with content as my guide I should have found Grimerica long ago. Whatever I’m here now. Subbed.


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