#214 – Grimerica Talks Shape Power & Aetheric Science with Dan Davidson

#213 – Grimerica Talks Ancient American Giants & Bankers with Xaviant Haze
March 4, 2017
#215 – Grimerica Talks Universal Energy & The Healing Power of Music with Nancy Yearout
March 17, 2017

Interview Starts 31:50

Dan Davidson joins us to chat about his decades of research into Form, Energy, Forces, Aetheric Science, Spirituality and much more. This is another great chat with someone dedicated to their research who has also experienced some sort of  “Download” which has enabled the articulation of this great work.
We chat about his book Shape Power, – A treatise on how Form Converts Universal Aether into Electromagnetic and Gravitic Forces, and related discoveries in gravitational physics, Keely’s work, resonance, free energy, plus the 4 Elements and their associations. The Master Power Flame, crystal wands, Karma, and Power (sacred energy) Movements that he has practiced decades before the show OA came out. Actually, this show seems to have been taken from his work?.. and we chat about that. He’s had multiple NDE’s and been doing loads of research and experiments on his own which have led to many discoveries. He even has a very different take on Orgone energy. Check out the hash tags for anything I have missed here?. and thanks to Clint for another great recommendation.
In the intro we chat about the recent trip- contact in the cabin, and we share some social media feedback. We say hi to all the new listeners, and share some listener emails. Check out the link for more information on Tim Sampson’s (SotoZen priest) talk on craving. In Calgary, March 24.
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