#216 – Grimerica Talks the Occult, Magic, Synchros & More with Conner Habib & Gordon White

#215 – Grimerica Talks Universal Energy & The Healing Power of Music with Nancy Yearout
March 17, 2017
#217 – Grimerica Talks “China Weird” with Carl Joseph DeMarco
April 1, 2017


Interview Starts 49:05
Two of our favourite past guests, Conner Habib and Gordon White join us in this roundtable chat about the occult, magic, synchronicities, positive thinking, morality, hollywood, the esoteric, the new spiritual renaissance and much more. We also get into the polarization of the political climate right now, social media, the makers movement, becoming invincible and pedophilia as well.
See the link below to Gordon’s work:
See the link below for Conner’s work:
In the intro we chat about the new chat hangout we are in https://grimerica.ca/hangout little segment about Geoengineering, and some listener feedback and synchro’s. see the hash tags below for more of the topics discussed.
Links below for stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:
https://grimerica.ca/116/ ep with Conner, Alex Tsakiris and Red Pill Junkie
https://solari.com/blog/ Catherine Austin Fitts
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1 Comment

  1. I’ll take the intro as a nod to my matrix post.

    This Grimerica episode and the Radio Misterioso podcast episode with Jeff Ritzman really triggered me somehow. I have completely abandoned caring about politics and the news. I literally quit cold turkey. Not sure how to explain it but that’s what I’m going through thanks to you guys. I even unsubscribed to No Agenda.

    It’s been a week now, and I saw a news channel on at work and it was even more cartoonish than if you watch it tripping. Even though I thought I was already over the fake media I just went to a new level.

    Definitely going through another paradigm shift in the continuing process of waking up.


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