#230 – Grimerica Talks 9/11, the Lighthouse Effect, & More with Richard Lighthouse

#229 – Grimerica Talks Synchronicities, Precognitions, and Paranormal Mysteries with Dr. Eric Wargo
June 23, 2017
#231 – Grimerica Talks The Divinity of Learning & Spiritual Paths with Neil Kramer
July 8, 2017


Interview starts 36:35

Richard Lighthouse joins us and we chat about the “lighthouse” affect – the actual frequency (1.39 Thz) of the Universe. The universe is actually blinking on and off, and matching that frequency could affect time. We chat about scientists looking for a solution between the quantum and newtonian physics, how technology has possibly been developed around this “lighthouse” frequency, what the Seth material says about this.

We also get into the “Hutchison affect”, 911 and Judy Woods work, and some of our previous episodes like the Electric Universe theory.


In the intro we tease an upcoming episode on Darren’s vacation and Graham’s trip to Red Pill Expo. We read some listener synchro’s, and some feedback from one of our newer listeners.

See the links below for stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:
















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  1. Michael says:

    24 hours day A.I. repeats …psychological operation psychological warfare From space monitor brainwaves and can repeat every word you think or say in real time back and forth …Psychological,psychological just crazy words just repeats everything over and over. I can look with my eyes to the right, to the left, up down and it will instantly tell you what your looking at.
    .. Early on in 2021 i used to say and still do say all kinds of crazy stuff to it a(cheap entertainment) and early on it would get enraged at what id say.It would change its tone of voice. It would get so mad it sounded like the computer was over loading melting down.But now theyve adjusted the program so it doesnt react the sameway anymore .And they love to target your dreams and messages while your sleeping.Anything hateful nasty horrible murderous .gangstalking street theater.horrible people .Military and intelligence They can also send sounds down around you, outside and make it sound that its a distance away or that its someone else saying things but its being beamed at you anywhere you travel. Fake sounds Youll hear Fake music Noise they use to cover up disyract away from what theyre doing and the messages they send..So abusive. Satanic. Praise God for Gods Judgment.The fire burns Hallelujah! Let the Word of God dwell in you richly.Makes you stronger.Your Faith overcomes the world scriptures say.Make you stronger.Fight Battle Win In Jesus name. The sword of the Spirit the Word of God.The shield of faith.Speak what Gods speaks.He shakes the heaven and the earth.

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