#242 – Grimerica Talks High Level Synchronicity with David Charles Plate

#241 – Grimerica Talks Ufology for The 21st Century with Dr. Jacques Vallee
September 15, 2017
BONUS – Grimerica on The Malliard Report
September 26, 2017


Interview starts 36:45
David Charles Plate is back to continue this conversation about the synchronities between movies and music, and dates and times as well. Some mind blowing stuff here that is really hard to believe. What is at work here?? A higher order or intentional creation of this mystery.
Did Kubrick get Trump elected, what dates are connected to when Alex Jones and John Ronson infiltrated Bohemian Grove?
We also get into the latest synchronization of ABBA and Waterloo the movie, and the dates between movies and events, The Golden Bow, The Outsider, The  Scape Goat, The Prophecy of Zohar and 911, Tarot, Numerology, Pink Floyd, and many fascinating books and movies.

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In the intro Graham talks about the latest CSETI outing, and brings forth another weather modification segment. The UFO quote of course and we listen to voicemails from Nickie the dude in the cemetery where Edgar Cayce was buried.
See the links below for all the stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BgiciS8WKM&sns=em citizen journalist at weather mod company
https://www.instagram.com/p/BYb9B7lHe99/ weather mod report from Texas
https://grimerica.ca/episodes/ep198/  our ep about Paul is dead, Memoirs of Billy Shears
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