#276 – Grimerica Talks Emotional Reduction Engines & Karmic Loads with Clif High

Throwback Thursday #139 – Rick Simpson
March 22, 2018
#277 – Grimerica Talks Ectoplasm and Spirituality with Shannon Taggart
March 28, 2018
Interview Starts 29:05
Clif High joins us again for a fascinating chat about predictive linguistics and the emotional reduction engine, Cryptocurrency, spirituality and our energetic bodies and karmic load, and alternative social media.
He’s forecasting the future via radical predictive linguistics from the slightly tilted planet scene from the deck of a kayak.
We also chat about the French Revolution and shoes, control structures, the large change in our diet, geoengineering, Trump and North Korea, and we get into the evidence that there really may be something going on in Antarctica
In the intro we chat about hate speech, a great synchro/precog dream from a listener in Hawaii, feedback from Instagram, and of course the UFO quote of the week.
See the links below for stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:
https://grimerica.ca/episodes/ep181/ our old ep with Cliff High
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