#339 – BONUS – 13 Questions with Darren Grimes

#338 – Randall Carlson Pre-Retreat Meeting Highlights
March 31, 2019
#340 Swapcast with The Conspiracy Farm and Mike Cernovich
April 5, 2019

Darren is a husband and father whose centered around his family. By day he manages high construction steelworkers looking over the Canadian landscape; by night he is a family man, professional podcaster, networking guru and amateur horticulturist. He is the creator The Grimerica Show Podcast and 13 Questions Podcast of which he hosts both. Darrens interests include simulation theory, synchronicities, self-improvement, global catastrophe cycles and many other subjects addressed on his podcasts. With an eye on personal growth, truth and helping others, Darren is a mentor to many.

You can learn more about Darren at Grimerica.ca

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