#479 – Adam Drissi

#478 – BONUS – John Carpay
February 12, 2021
#480 – John Neira
February 21, 2021

Interview starts at 26:30
Adam Drissi aka Aeon Animus from our chats joins us about a grand book he has put together called Eden and Entheogens – Psychedelic History from the Bronze Age to the 1960’s. 
We talk about more than pyscadelics, like ancient religions, Troy, Mana, visionary experiences, old maps, Atlantis, expanding earth and Thira. And of course we talk about psilocybin and other drugs going back into ancient history.
In the intro we chat about feedback from past episodes, Ben Grundy on Grimerica Outlawed and censorship. Graham reads Operation Game Over and a quote about something controversial. 
See links to stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:
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