#494 – John Carpay

#493 – Alan Steinfeld
May 9, 2021
#495 – Contact in the Scablands with Randall Carlson
May 23, 2021
Interview starts at 38:25
John Carpay – Founder and President of JCCF (Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms) joins us for an update of the legal situation in Canada. We talk about Alberta and the courts not “willing” to provide evidence of the draconian useless measures and how we should be fighting back and raising public awareness.
John lays out our basic freedoms and the process the government is supposed to go through if they take these away from us. We talk about death counts, hospitalization metrics, PCR testing, lock downs, and if companies could be held liable for vaccine injuries if people are forced to get the Jab. 
We also get into the heavy cost on society and individuals from these dogmatic measures, cherry picking the facts, the medical dictatorship media propaganda machine, and grass roots printing of brochures.
In the intro we chat with John De Herrera about the Article V Convention Claus in the USA Constitution. Is this a way that we can help get rid of the institutionalized corruption in US politics. It never seems to get passed Congress. This amendment clause needs enough focus to reach a tipping point and the paradigm will totally change. 
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