#554 – Terry Wolfe

#553 – Glen and Mick
June 26, 2022
#555 – Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
July 3, 2022
Interview starts at 32:55
Terry Wolfe, author of “Fire in the Rabbit Hole” joins us for a controversial chat about Conspiracies and Christianity.  We get into the true message of Christ, the persecutions of non church dogma Christians in the past, The fourth rider of the apocalypse (hint, Green World Order), and the social engineering of today’s conspiracies.
Terry deconstructs most of the conspiracies we chat about regularly and articulates them from a Christ perspective (or Satanic for that matter), but also has room for our supranormal reality. Cyber warfare, Revelation, Inquisition, the Flood (of information), the New Age, Christian awakening, CE-5’s, Martyr’s Mirror, Tik Tok, 2030, and breaking away from the Church are some other things we chat about.
“Their methods are gradual, spread out, and adaptive, always carried out under noble-sounding pretexts or supposed emergencies, and always with the full support of what I call the “Narrative-Investment Complex” to safeguard their progress. Populism has pushed them to new levels of desperation…”
In the intro we play an X-Files compilation, read some Revelation 18:23 and a small excerpt from Terry’s book. Darren talks about the ole gunnysack….. and a drive in the mountains.
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