#591 – Kris Barrett, Stories from the Door Yard. GrinnandBarret Tarot and Oracle

#590 – Justin Geifer. Out of Australia theories, Lider and Million Year Old Obsidian Axe Making
March 6, 2023
#592 – David Mathisen and Kesenya Moore. Star Myths, Astrology and Contact in the Canyons, Utah
March 20, 2023
Interview Starts at 43:55
Kris Barrett is back for a magical chat about making his own Tarot deck. Stories from the Door Yard, Grinnanbarrettao Tarot and Oracle. We talk about how he bacame magical again after listening to our old Rick Simpson episode (see link below), and getting back into plant medicine and shamanis, and then of course dabbling in Chaos and Ceremonial, Hermeticism etc. How do art and magic fit, which one comes first are the inextricably intertwined through the whole process?
We also chat about Yates and Crowley, The Golden Dawn, magical principles, the hanged man, Stories from the Door Yard, D&D, Living by Magic, Tree of Life, Western Magic, and shaping Reality. Get signed up to his kickstarter or Patreon!
In the intro we chat about Darren’s over the border rifle purchase, getting his truck ripped apart. Some emails from a couple listeners, and about our upcoming trip to Utah.
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