#602 – Jackie Jolie – Light Shapes Life – Sun the nutrient – Quantum Health Lifestyle

#601 – Janie McAfee – Where is John McAfee? – The JMF -Freedom, Privacy and Technology
May 17, 2023
#603 – Richard Syrett – Strange Planet – Network Society – Subversive Radio
May 30, 2023
Interview starts at 42:20
Jackie Jolie joins us for a great chat about the importance to Sunlight, including the red shift, circadian rhythms, blue light, sunscreen issues, indoor living and grounding.
We also chat about Lyme disease, how to start utilizing the sun, early morning and evening rays, specials suits and glasses, mitocondria vs genes, magnesium and electrolytes, UVB studies, the Flexner Report, and building a solar callus.
In the Intro we chat about Darren’s border crossing, the recent trip with Randall Carlson and the Brothers of the Serpent in Washington Scablands, and some geoengineering programs to block out the sun. 10 year anniversary coming up, email me comments or questions. We will be live streaming that Thursday night June 1st. Join us.
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