#622 – Michael Stuart Ani – Ghost Dance – The Untold History of the America’s

#621 – Dr. Narco Longo – Old World Florida – Atlantis and the Crystal Sea – Ancient Sea Faring
September 18, 2023
#623 – Crow Qu’appelle – Canadian Shame Day = Orange Shirt Day – Limited Hangout? – Land Back?
October 2, 2023
Interview starts at 3045
Michael Stuart Ani joins us for a great chat about plant wisdom, the shaman community, the Ghost Dance, intertribal elder women taking control of pyscadelics, and saving the world from the green climate zealots. We chat about the Nazi’s and psilocybin, MK Ultra, the mushroom religion, ancient ritual and ceremony, talking plants, addiction in the indigenous community, tonal singing, freedom and ferality, technofeudalism, and colonial eugenics control.
Michael Stuart Ani has been a student of plant wisdom for almost fifty years. He’s a Legendary explorer, entheogen expert, plant whisperer, ethnobotanist, musician, author, and Ghost Dancer.
In the intro we chat about the latest Contact at the Cabin – Montana Megafloods with Randall Carlson, Randall  and others talking about Malcolm Bendall Tech, Darren’s travels across the border.
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