#630 – Allen Greenfield – Secrets of the Black Lodge Revealed – Dance Between Light and Darkness

#629 – YouTube Struggle Session – SV40 and Cancer – Local Politics Gone Awry
November 13, 2023
#631 – Mike Clelland. The Unseen – a novel – Paranormal Thriller – Mysteries and Secrets
November 27, 2023
Interview starts at 32:05
Allen Greenfield joins us to chat about his latest book in a trilogy, Secrets of the Black Lodge Revealed and his first two books in the trilogy. Science Fiction gets us going then we get into the dark side of the force, the Babalon Working, post ritual in the desert, the Dero, Secret Chiefs, Devils, Djinn, Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, OTO and Homo Nomladi.
We also touch on solar events, Younger Dryas, ancient advanced cultures, opening portals, ceremonial magic, Abramelin Working, Hellfire Club, Robertson Panel, Blavatsky and Theosophy, modern UFOlogy and Disclosure.
How do you know if it’s messages from the Light or the Dark force?
Who is the most powerful Magus living or dead?
In the intro we chatted about Contact at the Cabin, a Malcolm Bendall tech update and some jibber jabbin about nuthin.
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