#632 – Midnight Mike OBDM – Our Big Dumb Mouth – UFO’s – Black Cubes – Disclosure and Abduction

#631 – Mike Clelland. The Unseen – a novel – Paranormal Thriller – Mysteries and Secrets
November 27, 2023
#633 – Forrest Neal – What I’ve Learned About Holistic Therapy
December 11, 2023
Interview starts at 28:10
Midnight Mike joins us from OBDM to chat about the latest with UFO’s, Disclosure and similarities of Black Cubes and Boxes in many contact cases. What about Black Cubes in modern culture, Mythology and Religious symbolism, and pop culture? We also chat about NASA moon landing, ancient stuff, MILAB’s, accounts of contact with entities (NHI?) with black cubes, the difference between entity encounters with one or three, his night vision experience in Sedona, UFO Twitter and the size of the whole community now.
Disclosure is divisive even in the UFO communities. Who is the phenomenon going to react to accelerated disclosure? What is the Hitchhiker effect and why is discussed so openly now? How much of this is reflection of our psyche?
Intro: X showing those who are interested the plethora of Contact experiences and sightings. Randall bendall update
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