#638 – Ben van Kerkwyk, Uncharted X – Ancient Egyptian Machining? The Vase Scan Project and Granite Works

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January 8, 2024
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January 22, 2024
Interview starts at 34:15
Ben van Kerkwyk of UnchartedX joins us for a great chat about evidence of ancient machine technology.  10’s of thousands of vases have been discovered over the years and some are hand made, but some are very precise and supposedly go back thousands of years. We chat about the Vase Scan Project, the accuracy of these finely tuned vases, the machining process, Egyptian artifacts, Dunn’s new book, the early Pharaohs, the Step Pyramid, the Serapeum, the granite boxes, and Sacred Geometry.
How were these vases made following precise sacred radial traversal patterns? Whey do they say the accusers and skeptics? What about the chain of custody?
We chat about the upcoming eclipse event, the next project focusing on the lost labyrinth of Egypt, the parallels with Malcolm Bendall’s work, the Valley Temple, 4th Dynasty, Karnak and the floods.
In the intro we chat about the skeptic movement that died about 10 years ago, the cold snap and the upcoming Eclipse.
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