#653 – Yousef Awyan – The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism

#652 – Alex Tsakiris. Why AI? Is Smartest… Is Dangerous… Is Divine
April 22, 2024
#654 – Popois the Warrior – Peoples of the Salmon – Cheri LePage
May 6, 2024
Interview starts at 33:00
Yousef Awyan joins us for a great chat about Egypt. Yousef is one of the top esoteric tour guides in Egypt and lives literally right next to the Giza plateau, and has been doing tours of ancient sites for many years.
We chat about Cairo, his family shop, Land of Chem – another path opener, important pieces of the puzzle, the field of chemistry, changes in Egyptology, the new museum, Archeo Astronomy, the mainstream paradigm shift, techno spiritual, pyramid power, the Temple of the Sun, alignments, a tale of two industries, Neolithic times, ancient machine evidence, mythology, stone jars and vases and the new evidence…
Where would he search for more discoveries? Or, is there enough evidence to start the next phase of thought and shift?
What happens to people – including guards who work and hang around the Giza Plateau?,
What can the pyramids help us with?
What would he ask or tell his father, who was an official tour guide in Egypt?
khemitology.com Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism
In the intro we read some listener emails and talk about JRE’s Hancock and Dibble ep.
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