#662 – Jim Harold – Campfire Vol 6. True Ghost Stories and more

#661 – Darren and Graham – Cosmic Summit 2024 and Tychosium Wrap Up
June 24, 2024
#663 – Damon Langlois – Stories in Sand – The Arabian Nights
July 8, 2024
Interview Starts at 29:25
Jim Harold the Iconic Paranormal podcaster is back in Grimerica after 10 years. We reminisce about the Paradigm Symposium and getting together in person, Stanton Friedman – and some other classic guests that have passed, the skeptic attacks, his wildest story, the phenomenon, the trickster element, and podcasters helping each other out.
Then we get into some of Jim’s views on Good and Evil, The paranormal and high strangeness, has his views of reality changed, the afterlife, Angels and Demons, the latest on UAP’s, castles in the sky, Blue Beam, national security, true crime and much more.
In the intro we thanks some new Nobles and a new Lord and go over some Fusion news from a Substack.
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