# 1 – Grimerica and Efrain Palermo

The Grimerica Show
May 20, 2013
# 2 – Grimerica talks to Red pill Junkie
May 29, 2013

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In the very first chapter Darren and Graham discuss how they became interested in recording their own podcast. They talk about the UFO sightings that each of them had and about some of the favorite podcasts they listen to.




Mars one is discussed and Graham wants to sign up and Darren thinks it’s a scam.


Chat with Efrain Palermo

Efrain and the Grimerican’s discuss the stains on Mars and the monolith on Phobos. How much research and investigation Efrain put into Mars and how he was vindicated many years later by an article in Astronomy Magazine confirming his hypothesis. Unfortunately he received ziltch/zero/nada credit for the many hours labouring over a dial up connection in the late 90’s!!

Efrain also mentions for the first time publicly, a plan that he is putting in place that may help the minions of our lonely planet out in this regard.

Mars anomalies podcast





  1. Awesome way to start off the podcast, vatos!

    About your sighting, Graham: what color did the object you saw in Tel Aviv had? Also, you say you found out info about a similar sighting in the same area around that time? do you think you’ll be able to look it up & post it here at the site?

    Like I told you guys privately, Mr. Palermo is a fascinating individual. The living example that even without formal education anyone can make a significant contribution to Science; all is required is enough passion & dedication.

    About his idea of a crowd-sourced space program, well you guys discussed the controversy surrounding Mars One –I too think something’s fishy with the required 40 bucks they ask to file your submission. Obviously Palermo’s goal is not as outlandish as an actual human mission, but it would be interesting to see just how he & his associates would be able to gather enough funds to finance such a venture. I’d imagine they’d need the backing of someone pretty famous in order to grab enough attention first –maybe someone like James Cameron or Elon Musk, I don’t know.



    • Possibilianist G-gnome says:


      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Can’t wait to get your interview up very soon.
      Regarding the colour of the craft I saw…. I would have to say there wasn’t a colour it was more metallic like. There were no lights on it and I believe it was reflecting the moon light.

      That will be a good little project for me… look up that old sighting and post it. I’ll get back to you on that one.


  2. D-ron says:

    Thanks Red, yeah I’d have to agree without the backing of some pretty persuasive people on both the scientific and celebrity fronts it will be hard to pull off. I stand by my comments 100% that Mars one will turn out to be some sort of a scam. Should have your talk up by Friday brother, later dude

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