# 2 – Grimerica talks to Red pill Junkie

# 1 – Grimerica and Efrain Palermo
May 23, 2013
# 3 – Grimerica Talks to Micah Hanks
June 6, 2013

Darren and Graham chat with RPJ (Red Pill Junkie), the prolific Fortean blogger and writer.

They chat about the Mars Phoenix anniversary

New site www.grimerica.com is up and running already.

Guys are reading Micah Hank’s book the UFO Singularity in prep for the upcoming interview. http://gralienreport.com/

This is the Tardy and somewhat untimely intro as Darren managed to delete the original.

RPJ talks about his Forteana beginnings at www.dailygrail.com and now onto www.thegralienreport.com and www.mysteriousuniverse.org.

Chat of the new star trek movie subtly warming us up for contact is small d disclosure happening now. Many more thoughts and discussion on UFO Disclosure.

Robbie Graham’s work at www.silverscreensaucers.com

Neil Degrasse Tyson computer code talked about on Joe Rogan Experience podcast. http://podcasts.joerogan.net/

Where does RPJ get his dose of the mainstream?

The guys all discuss some aspects of their own sightings

The tourists gathering in Mexico for the Mayan apocalypse 2012….

What do you tell your kids when they happen to see strange things in the night?

RPJ and the Grimerican’s are excited about RPJ dropping in on a regular basis for a little update about what’s going on out there in Fortean phenomenon.

Follow Red Pill Junkie here https://twitter.com/red_pill_junkie


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Party People in a Can – Ayahuasca

Spiedkiks – Take Off Your Makeup

DU3normal – Long Walk